Scranton Pennsylvania Attractions

Located in downtown Scranton, PA, Knoebels Amusement Resort is home to the only National Railway Museum in the United States and one of only two in Pennsylvania. The museum shows the history of coal mining and the people who worked there, and is part of the history of coal - mining, immigrants and Scrantson. Only the National is dedicated to the steam train, but it's also a great place to learn about it.

The museum is located in one of the old railway stations that dominate the Scranton area and displays the original steam trains from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. While the highlight of your visit to the museum was the drainage ride around the edge of downtown Scrantson, you can also enjoy the scenery and calm waters of Scranon Lake. Enjoy a limited-time journey on the same platform where you boarded the tram on your return flight. The road is polluted by traffic, but you may also see some wildlife.

If you're traveling to Scranton with the kids, take the Electric City Aquarium and Reptile Den on your trip. Before embarking on an afternoon of activities, you should grab a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants in the area, such as the Fish & Game restaurant. The restaurant, a permanent fixture in the city since 1948, not only exists, but also the visit to the aquarium Aqu never gets old.

If you want to have some fun in Scranton, this place is ideal for families with children because it has all kinds of magical events. While the brewery no longer offers guided tours, you should definitely visit the local breweries, as it is located just outside WIlkes - Barre. The cars may no longer drive through downtown Scruples, but those who want to learn about the city's rich heritage in transportation can visit the Electric City Trolley Museum. Children who see the old school cars and take a ride on one of them will be thrilled to ride along and explore the vintage cars and other items that earned Scrantson the nickname of "Electric City," the first American tram system to run entirely on electricity.

To get to the Anthracite Museum, make sure you visit the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour. This tour is one of the best activities in Scranton, PA. It gives visitors the opportunity to visit a former coal mine and learn what life and working conditions were like for coal miners in northeastern Pennsylvania. The tour takes you to an anthracite mine 300 feet underground to explore, but you can also learn about how coal mines have shaped the coal industry and the history of coal mining in the United States. Cave tours of coal mines are popular in Pennsylvania, and they are also possible in other states.

Since Scranton is the cultural center of the Lackawanna Valley, head to the Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum. Check out the Lackawanna Historical Society for more on the history of coal mining and what it has to do with Scrantson. The Houdini Museum, described as a "top-of-the-scranon" attraction, shows the life and work of the magician and escape artist Harry Houmani. Even though it may seem like a top-to-do thing, it's not the top thing you do in the city, at least not in most cases.

Scranton is considered the anthracite capital of the world, and the mockumentary comedy, set in the coal mining town of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, a few miles north of Scrantson, has had a huge following since the series ended in 2013.

When visiting Scranton, there is plenty to see and do in and around the area and the rest of Lackawanna County, but there are also some must-see attractions. In fact, it is known as "Electric City" because the first electric trolley system was brought to life in Scrantson in 1886 and continued to run uninterrupted until 1954. Today, the northeastern Pennsylvania city is brimming with attractions and attractions, from museums and galleries to restaurants and shops and even a museum celebrating the city's industrial and transportation past. From the time it was used here until the end of the 20th century (there was a brief stint as a coal mining town in the late 19th and early 20th centuries), Scranton, Pennsylvania has been known as the "Electric City" for decades.

If you miss one of Scranton's most popular attractions, such as the Electric City Museum, you won't have a day to yourself.

The city's scenery may be hard to find outside of downtown Scranton, but there are many great restaurants, bars and hotels in the area, such as the Hampton Inn. If you're heading to Scrantson and curious to see the latest Scranon hotel room rates, you can stay at the Hamptons Inn in Scruggsville or Montage Mountain. The Montages Mountain Road baseball field is just blocks from the Electric City Museum and offers a full ballpark of fun. It is just a short drive from Downtown Scranton, so it is so close to all the places And it is conveniently located right next to the electric city museum and other attractions.

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