Scranton Pennsylvania Intercontinental Hotel

The Scranton, Pennsylvania Intercontinental Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in the state of Pennsylvania and the first of its kind.

Other great options for a family outing are the West Side Ymca 61, where we stayed, and don't miss it. Other great options for staying with children are: The Scranton, Pennsylvania Intercontinental Hotel, East Side Hotel and Northside Hotel. Another great option for families on a trip is the South Side Hotel or the New York Hotel in Manhattan, New Jersey.

See the motel for sale: See the sale at the Scranton, Pennsylvania Intercontinental Hotel and the New York Hotel in Manhattan, New Jersey. See and see for sales: See sales at both the Northside Hotel, the South Side Hotel and the West Side Ymca.

The Montage Mountain Resorts are a first-class ski resort in the region, as the ski resort includes the largest ski resort in the world with a total of 10,000 hectares of ski and snowboard area. The hotel is also a great business destination, with the Yankee Boardroom, which can accommodate up to 10 people, the Montage Meeting Room, which can accommodate 28 people, and the Theater - a hall that can accommodate 50 people and is ideal for training and seminars. The Mount Airy Casino Resort is a long way away, but the Sheraton is only a short drive from the hotel and a few blocks from the main entrance.

Econo Lodge features wired internet access (bring an Ethernet cable) and Wi-Fi, as well as a private dining room with a full-service bar.

It is also fun for children of all ages and is also suitable for children of all ages, but especially for children under 5 years.

Whether you're in town for business, family vacations or a romantic getaway, Scranton has plenty to do and see. You can look forward to a great time enjoying the sights, sounds and sounds of the city, as well as some of its obligatory tasks - restaurants and attractions. You can also plan a weekend to Scrantson in autumn to enjoy all the fall foliage.

Former friends from the Philadelphia area can celebrate the season in Scranton with their families and friends. For our alumni in New Jersey, they can brunch with Santa while basking in the glow of the Christmas lights and celebrate with a Christmas party at a local bar or restaurant.

Located in the heart of Scranton, Pennsylvania, this hotel is just a short drive from downtown and a few blocks from Penn State University and the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Pennsylvania. This is the largest hotel in New York owned by Highgate, which describes itself as the largest Ohio hotel sale. We represent buyers and sellers who wish to purchase, sell or rent hotels, apartments, condominiums and other properties in Ohio.

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The Sunbelt has a number of hotels in the Scranton area that will certainly meet your criteria. Below is a list of the most popular hotels and a yet-to-be-built Four Seasons in our region.

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More About Scranton

More About Scranton