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The winter market may be a holiday tradition for many families, but it's not yet ten years old and thousands of shoppers are expected to hit the town from Friday evening. The annual tradition begins with the annual Scranton Christmas Market on Friday, December 14, from 4 to 8 p.m. at Old Courthouse Square in downtown Scranton. This festive event includes a variety of festive events such as Christmas tree lights and strolling star singers, as well as live window shopping and food trucks. It is all about the shopping experience of the city and also includes horse-drawn carriage rides, Christmas shopping, live music, food vendors and much more.

Sights include the Scranton Convention Center, Old Courthouse Square and the historic downtown area.

According to Brown, the store's customers can shop for hard-to-find items such as clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and accessories. There are also shops selling adult clothing, including a men's and women's clothing store and a ladies' and men's department store.

Owners Glenda and Janet Shoemaker are taking things to a new level by offering an exceptional selection of clothing, gifts and jewelry. Christmas shoppers will find artisans who make exquisite gift ideas in a variety of media, including hand-blown glass. Owner Rachel Tews said visitors would find boutiques selling jewellery, handbags, scarves, necklaces, handbags, hats and other accessories.

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Shoppers can browse the collection at the popular Village Green for one - or more - items, and the shelves are awash with unique and affordable gifts that are environmentally friendly. In the columns visitors will find a wide selection of articles for children, adults and children of all ages, as well as a large selection of children's toys.

Jewellery can also be found in the jewellery department, as well as jewellery, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and other jewellery. Christmas Gift - Gifts include a wide selection of clothing, accessories and accessories for men, women and children. A fine selection of gifts includes shoes that come in a range of colors, sizes, styles and price points from $1,000 to $2,500.

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Visitors to Main Street will find a selection of home accessories for shoppers, as well as a wide selection of food and beverages. This Christmas season we will mix vintage Christmas decorations with our usual inventory, which includes handmade nipples. Shoppers will be delighted by our extensive selection of vintage and vintage clothing, accessories and accessories, which includes handbags, jewelry, home furnishings and more. There will also be a full service hairdresser, wine bar, antique shop and jewellery shop.

In fact, the city centre has more than 1,000 square metres of retail space, with a wide selection of food and drinks, as well as a bar and a full service restaurant.

Like many malls, the Steamtown mall has a full-service salon where shoppers can stop off for haircuts and other services. They also have a nail salon where guests can get a manicure for buyers who want to relax. The restaurants at the Food Court offer a variety of food and drinks, as well as a wide selection of wines and beers.

Shoppers should take the time to park their car in the parking lot while browsing, but the shopping center is also suitable for guests who need to make a hotel reservation, call a taxi or take a bus. The Mall at Steamtown is open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a few exceptions for special events and events. Guests can also enjoy a drink in one of the many restaurants and bars while strolling through the shopping malls.

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More About Scranton