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Scranton, PA is not a huge area for visitors, but there are many different things to do. After visiting the area many times over the years while writing for this page, here are some of my favorite things I have # done.

If you're exploring the nation's rich culture, you can discover why Scranton is called the "Electric City," and take a tour of steam engines that represent the county's past. If you choose to take the official tour of the Lackawanna Historical Society, you will walk through the city to learn more about the history of the area and its history as an industrial center. Although the cars no longer drive through downtown Scrantson, a visit to the Electric City Trolley Museum is the perfect way to learn about history, locomotives and cities. Children will be thrilled to see old school cars and take a ride on one of them, while exploring other items that earned Scranon the nickname "The Electric City" for its role in the first American tram system to run entirely on electricity.

It's so cool to experience such a small area as Scranton, PA, but it's also a great opportunity to learn more about the history of the coal industry and how coal mines have shaped the history of the city and its role in American industrial history.

Scranton and the rest of Lackawanna County have plenty to see and do, from museums celebrating the city's industrial and transportation past to a variety of restaurants, shops and bars. There are a lot of things to do, but if you're looking for a satisfying time of year, you can't have both, Scrantson, PA has it all.

One of our favorite places to eat is Little Pizza Heaven in Dunmore, which is a bit away from Scranton, but it's worth it if you have time. PA, another thing you want to do in Scrantson is get a taste of pizza Old Forge, Pennsylvania. If you are traveling to Scranton with the little ones, consider the Electric City Aquarium and Reptile Cave. Visiting the aquarium never forgets the old one, but it is also one of the best aquariums in the state of Pennsylvania, if not the country.

This museum combines the history of coal mining with that of the immigrants to Scranton and shows the lives of the people who worked there, from the beginning of mining to the present day. This is a delightful tourist destination as it is able to tell the stories of the coal miners and their lives in northeastern Pennsylvania. As one of our top activities in Scrantson PA, this tour offers visitors the opportunity to visit the former coal mines and learn what life and working conditions were like for the coal miners of northeastern Pennsylvania, and it will give you first-hand insights into this once booming industry.

Tourists can visit the restructuring factory, take a guided tour of the museum or take a train ride on the Scranton train on a day of their choice. You can book a ticket game and enter the Wilkes - Barre RailRiders stadium and take a trip to PNC Field to play a game with Scrantson - Wilks Barres Rail Riders. Tourists can visit the factory and take guided tours of the museum.

If you want to have some fun in Scranton, this place is ideal for families with children because it has all kinds of magical events. Head to the Electric City Trolley Museum to see the electric trolleys in action and experience one of the most popular trolley rides in the country. There are many evening routes that round off an evening you can spend here on your route, but when you're done, take it all in one day. Take a Scrantson RV to the Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle in Doylestown, which is full of architectural finesse you won't find anywhere else nearby.

If you're a superfan, a visit to Scranton is a unique way to bring your obsession with "The Office" to life. The mockumentary comedy, set in the fictional city of New York City and the offices of The Office, has a huge cult following. The series has been ending since 2013, but If you're a "super fan," visit Scrantson for one of the final episodes.

With its rich historical background, Scranton, PA has always had a lot to offer to tourists and visitors who want to explore its rich historical origins. Although the city has many attractions to offer to everyone who visits it, if you visit it for a family vacation, you might want to visit a special attraction for family fun.

These two famous restaurant chains are not located in Scranton, but the nearest town is about an hour's drive away. If you are planning an afternoon activity, you should take a quick snack in one of the restaurants. They just closed when I had the opportunity to drop by and I wanted to get some delicious bread, so I did.

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